Amanda’s Pet Services

What Amanda does for your pets (and you)
…whilst you are away

Are you going away but don’t know what to do with your cherished pets? From dog walking to pet grooming and house visits, Amanda offers all the services you need to keep your pets happy, clean and exercised.

You can rest assured that your pets will be loved and looked after, so that you can enjoy a well deserved holiday, with the peace of mind that they will be very well cared for.

For the past 5 years Amanda has been building close relationships with dogs and cats, birds, fish, hamsters, rabbits, rats, chickens … you name it. She is a passionate animal lover who strives to ensure that all animals are happy while their owners are on holiday.

Amanda keeps your animals happy when you are not there!

 What’s new?

October is Halloween month so book a groom and receive a free Halloween bandana and a free bag of wonderful doggie biscuits. if doggies become scared over this season provide them with calm ease and lots of love and care.

Keep posted for nov and December specials too


Dear Amanda!
So glad to hear from you!
Mel is doing really fine. Adapting to her new life in Brazil! I just can say thank you for taking care of her while we were traveling since she was 4 months old .Every year she was with you for about 30 days. I really trust in you, always kind and making her happy. Mel misses and loves you!!!!
Kisses from Brazil!
God bless and all the best!

Anne Branco Marques

Amanda is a lovely lady, passionate for animals and my dog Bianca gets excited when seeing her. I use to do long trips during our vacation, so Amanda always stayed with Bianca during last 2 years, and I never had any problem. I prefer to leave Bianca with her, as I know she plays and walks a lot, much better than staying alone with a maid coming by eventually.I highly recommend Amanda, because she does like animals…

Gisele Gurgel

Pet Services

Amanda's pet services are flexible to your pets needs

Here is what pets can expect from her visits:

  • Your pet will be given fresh water, food and or treats in a very clean bowl.
  • Pet medication or vitamins these will be administered if required.
  • Pet poop in the garden or home will be cleaned up every day.
  • She will keep in touch with you every day, by sms or WhatApp messages.
  • If they become ill she will take them to the vet at Owners Expense.
  • She does one to two visits a day

Amanda makes sure that your cherished pets are professionally cared for

Pet Grooming

Amanda is a professional pet groomer - she obtained her certificate in 2014. She has her own pet salon at her home. It is a quiet environment so there is no stress from other dogs - this means that your pet will get my full attention and loving care.

Your dog will be brought home clean and looking (and feeling) beautiful

Pet Walking

Amanda understands that walking is essential for the wellbeing of your dogs.

All dogs need exercise and mental stimulation. But many dogs are not able to get the necessary sensory stimulation that they need in order to ward off boredom.

Walking keep your dogs healthy as it promotes agility, weight control and a healthy digestive system.  In addition, professional walking will help in breaking bad habits that your dog may have developed over time, making your walks with your pet more pleasurable.

Your dogs will receive significant health benefits from walking with Amanda 

Home Services

Amanda will  check the following to make sure that everything is in running order:

  • Fridge
  • freezer
  • Geyser
  • pool
  • Alarms
  • putting lights on / off
  • opening and closing of curtains
  • ...and more, subject to discussion with Amanda

Amanda cares for your home almost as much as for your pets

Prices for Amanda's Services

    •  1 Visit Please contact for rates per day.
    • 2 Visit Please contact for rates per day
    • Dog Grooming please contact for rates.
    • Dog Walking please contact for rates per day.

  • Booking and Contact Details

    Bookings are to be made in advance to avoid disappointment. A pet contract needs to be signed with an indemnity form before departure from every client.

    Mobile no: 082 699 6677